Terms and conditions

Our clients

Chile Cóndor Expediciones is attached to the policy of preventing the exploitation of human beings in all its forms.

Participate in the activities of trekking, riding and SCUBA diving those who like the outdoors, nature and adventure. If you are seeking comfort, this is not the instance. For your comfort we create Wine and City tours. Outdoor Living is synonymous with being exposed to the elements like sun, wind, rain, dust, snow and all that entails, in addition to having to carry on a backpack and gear.





Transport, services of experienced guides on the proposed routes, basic first aids kit, accommodation in tents in places with and without camping infrastructure. Camping and safety gear described in each activity. Sleeping bags and mats of regular size.



Not included



Tipping in additional services

Meals during transfers, these are in restaurants and paid by each passenger.





Good health and fitness.

Read the program and have the appropriate clothing.

Collaboration in the work of the expedition.

Obey and follow instructions of guides.

Avoid risky situations.

Wear helmets for horseback riding.

Respect for the environment and diversity.

Come back with all the garbage caused by participants, including toilet paper.

Do not use soaps or detergents in natural water courses, as well as in lakes, pools or at sea.



Rates valid from april 2018 until april 30th 2019




100% paid when starting the tour


Returns, withdrawals and suspensions


If a client desist of any activity will be reimbursed, but not by the total canceled, because operating expenses will be deducted.

Between 60 and 30 days before the activity: 85% of the fee

Between 29 and 10 days before the activity: 75% of the fee

Between 9 and 1 day before the activity: 50% of the fee, except horseback riding and wine route, in these cases the reimbursement is 35% of the fee


If an activity is suspended, the customer receives 100% of the amount paid

If a no-show will not get refund, the departure time is not flexible

If a client desist during activity will not get refund


Other conditions


The activities may be delayed, modified or suspended for reasons of force majeure, e.g: park closed, weather, accident and others acts of god


Each participant will be responsible for their belongings and damage or loss of equipment granted by Chile Condor Expediciones


The medical and rescue expenses incurred by accident, will be paid by the affected, so we suggest you own an accident insurance


Chile Condor Expediciones reserves the right to publish photos and videos of travel and its participants in all their social networks


On mountains climbs is not guaranteed to achieve the top, as this will depend on the ability and attitude of our customers.


The guide can interrupt the participation of one or more clients of the group if he thinks the behavior is offensive or endangers the group or harm the environment. There will be no refund.


If you are unhappy or disagree with any aspect of the activity or service, you can make and send a written complaint within 15 days after the tour made. We will contact you and will resolve what to do.





You can make your purchase from the website with a credit card, make a bank deposit or contact us by phone +569 98634383 so we can schedule a personal interview at the hotel where you staying. To reserve we need you to fill out a form with all the data requested.


About children


Our activities were created to satisfied people from 8 years old, however, our policy towards children is the following:


0-3 years: free.

4-5 years pay 60% of the rate.

6-7 years pay 80% of the rate.

8 years or more: Pay normal rate.

Children up to age 12 are treated in the presence of at least one of their parents.