La Campana National Park Palm Tree Grove & Cascade

La Campana National Park La Campana National Park

    La Campana National Park

    Charles Darwin and his visit to La Campana, 1834

    Established on October 17th of 1967

    Administered by National Forest Corporation since 1974

    Biosphere Reserve since 1985

    Place of scientific interest since 1989

    100 animal species and 320 plants, most of them endemic


    The only National Park in the continental 5th region

    The southern continental palm tree grove in the world

    82 feet waterfall

Tour fee: U$72.32 p/p

(2 days in advance)

Relevant Information

LOCATION Ocoa, Hijuelas
ALTITUDE 2.943 feet / 897 meters a.s.l.
ELEVATION GAIN 1.505 feet / 459 meters
LENGTH 8 hours – from 8 am to 4 pm
DISTANCE 8.08 miles / 13 kilometers, round trip
SEASON Year round
NUMBER OF PAX Minimum 2 - Maximum 12
RESTRICTIONS Good health, no knee injuries, over 8 years old
TRANSPORTATION SUV, Van, pick-up truck or car
METEOROLOGICAL CONDITION Mediterranean weather, rains from May to August, under 500 mm.

Ocoa, Hijuelas

Once you arrive in the park you will explore the valley full of centennial palm trees. Birds and reptiles watching, eventually foxes and rodents. Hike from the main entrance to the cascade. View point and 82 feet waterfall. About 2 hours of a relax hiking. Non steep trail and a couple of creeks crossing. Shooting pictures. 2 hours way back.
Hiking (or comfortable) shoes, backpack, long sleeve shirt, light fleece or sweater, sun screen, jockey or hat, sunglasses and camera. Pant or short. Spare T-shirt. Fall-winter: Hiking shoes, waterproof/warm jacket, beanie and gloves.
Round trip transportation Viña del Mar - Park
All way guide – English spoken
First aids kit
Park fee
Hydration – You must carry on 1.5 liters
Lunch box
4 norte /Av. Libertad, Viña del Mar at 8 am
Pick up (and drop off) is available from any hotel in Valparaíso, Viña del Mar Reñaca or Concón, between 7:15 - 8 am

Pick up and drop off fee per person

Reñaca: U$10
Viña del Mar: U$5
Valparaíso or Concón: U$15
Way back there can be traffic delays, mainly in summer, so please note this.